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Let’s Play “Get to Know You”

Greetings friends! I have never really done a "Who am I?" blog. If you already read and follow my blog, thank you; you are awesome! And if you have read things I have written, then you might already have a sense of what is important to me. I live in the Washington DC area, with… Continue reading Let’s Play “Get to Know You”

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Book Signings, Book Stores, Books

Yesterday I went to a book signing at a fabulous beach town bookstore. They always have great book signings, and this week was no exception. (I'm always taking notes because I worked with my friend and author K.L. Kranes to organize a book signing this past spring and I like to observe other similar events.) Elin Hilderbrand, an… Continue reading Book Signings, Book Stores, Books

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A Cyborg Meets Storm Troopers and Nobody Dies (Phasers Were Set to Stun?)

  This past weekend, my daughter and I attended our county library's first annual Library Comic Con. How was it? In a nutshell, it was AWESOME. First of all, Comic Cons have been out of our reach--it is not realistic for us to fly to San Diego (or wherever) and attend the mobbed though undoubtably memorable events. Heretofore,… Continue reading A Cyborg Meets Storm Troopers and Nobody Dies (Phasers Were Set to Stun?)

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A Friend Resurrected from the Dead

I have my book (and my mad internet skillz) to thank for reconnecting with a friend this past week. But not just any friend. This is a friend like no other. My book recounts my adventures during the year that I spent living with a family as a Youth For Understanding (YFU) exchange student in… Continue reading A Friend Resurrected from the Dead

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Real Life Book Thieves

This weekend I'll be moderating an author panel. I am very excited about it. The event is multi-faceted, as many author panel events are. Primarily, it's a book drive by my daughter's Girl Scout troop. The troop is collecting books to donate to local school libraries. My job as a sometimes librarian in the local public… Continue reading Real Life Book Thieves

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Where do we get our inspiration? And once inspired, how do we persist, even when faced with life's negativity that comes down, sometimes, like raindrops on our heads? When you write something, you write from your heart. (If not, why is what you've written worthwhile?) This goes for everything you write, from a letter to a poem… Continue reading Inspiration

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Writing Workshop: What’s Up, Writers?!

This past weekend I attended a Writing Workshop in Philadelphia, as mentioned in the last blog post. I'm in the process of editing my manuscript; my book is a humorous coming of age memoir about my year as an exchange student in Spain with an unconventional yet traditional family. (That's why I share tweets about exchange… Continue reading Writing Workshop: What’s Up, Writers?!